Cloud Based Compliance & Auditing Application

Cloud Based Compliance & Auditing Application

Quality assurance is an important aspect for any industry that really values offering quality services and products to its clients and consumers. To maintain high quality standards in production of goods (any type of product from FMCG to engineering/medical/domain specific finished goods), QC process is required. Automating this process by means of software application reduces the turnaround time, the associated paperwork, gives higher profits and reduces errors.

Radix has developed a web based application for QC, Audit and Compliance Automation and reporting. The application suits industries from multiple verticals, where it is mandatory to conduct audits at regular intervals.

The application can be divided into two modules.

  1. Web Application
  2. Mobile Application

The web application helps in administering the application and reporting while the mobile app automates the Auditing functions on-the- go.

The application provides a scalable solution to various organizations for easily managing multiple business processes related to Audit, Compliance, Quality Assurance and Quality check for various departments. It is cross platform and web based with support of multiple mobile computing platforms.

It is a highly scalable solution in terms of defining and executing multiple types of audits, QA, QC related operations. These operations can be created dynamically and with multiple options in the types of values which are to be audited. This dynamic, web enabled feature makes it suitable to deploy the solution in multiple industry verticals. All and all it’s a complete business ready solution.

The solution can be implemented locally using Client-Server architecture as well as can be subscribed in a SaaS subscription.

Business Challenges

Designing an application that caters to multiple industry verticals and their custom audit processes.

Reducing the turnaround time on repetitive form filling and spread sheet data entry.

Enabling workflow and task management and getting the relevant information to the right people in right departments at right time.

Enabling “Information Mining” from a vast amount of on-going, incoming data without repetition and redundancy.

Achieving “Real Time” Data Synchronization while auditors are out for the audits and capturing data through mobile devices.

To achieve role defined related workflow and task management in multiple types of audits.

Radix Approach

Looking at the complexity, challenges and risk associated with this project, Radix assembled an experienced set of internal consultants with expertise in Microsoft Windows Azure Platform with Telerik Controls and Microsoft ASP .Net (Framework 4.0).

The team did detailed business process mapping of the system and successfully integrated various features in terms of requirements for the Mobile and Web Application. We established real time data synch logic even at locations where internet or web connections are not available. Radix developed the application in a way that it works without internet and once it gets connection it automatically gets synced with the database server.

Radix’s approach to address the business challenges was:

  • Full review of all the audits being conducted in order to identify the most complex and time consuming functional activities.
  • Multiple meetings with actual users online to help understand the actual process and requirements.
  • Identify key areas which could provide the most powerful decision making information and automate them.
  • Detailed analysis on paper audits and digitizing them.
  • Providing configurable reports with customized reporting tools.
  • Completely dynamic and configurable dashboard for higher scalability.

Radix’s experienced consulting team has integrated Cloud Sync for the data from the un-synched mobile devices to the cloud database. This comes handy when the auditors are out in the locations where the application couldn’t get any internet access. So the application captures all the data in the Mobile database while once connected syncs up the database with the database in the Server. This cloud feature provides the mobility to the application and automates multiple operations while on the field.

Simplified IT Outsourcing

One of the major highlight was to develop this application considering the multiple types of audits with multiple type of results (values can be number, grades, stars, boundary based values, Boolean).

Radix successfully developed dynamic entities bound with dynamic data type. This enables the application to cater to multiple industry verticals and various types of audits, QC-QA tests.

This made this product a revolutionary business ready solution with scalability to cater to the needs of any industry where audits and compliance are to be maintained.

Some Distinct Solution Features

Customizable Dashboard: Relevant KPI based on the type of User and their activities. The user data is synced real time.

Responsible Team/Person Assignment: Completely dynamic data creation i.e. Dynamic Setup of User, User’s Role, Team Setup, Failure reasons, Corrective Actions, Responsible Teams.

Picture & Signature Capture: To enable Audit sign off and traceability (Time Stamped,
user wise). This feature improves the accountability of overall system modules.

Task Management: Review: “Pending, Assigned or Completed” tasks tracking and
analysis of how a task is progressing. This is achieved via task management with workflow management.

Alert System: Alert Trigger set up to send out alert, also set up task progress alerts, email distribution lists etc.

Customer Specific Reports: Can be created dynamically. Various active reports with drill-down functionality, allowing the user with report specific access, providing trending &
graphical information for analysis. This helps as a decision support system for MIS.

Dynamic Audit Creation: User can put dynamic questions, set up complex or simple scoring functionality, determine pass or fail scores, boundary dependent values.
This functionality enables the solution to suit multiple industry verticals.

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