Application Trends

Application Trends

Have you ever wondered why the words such as Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 or for that reason, anything 2.0 are ever used?

If so, you are asking for a retrospective on how trends in the applications development, particularly oriented towards the web technology go, this simply happens on the basis of two criterions:

1.       Technology Paradigm Changes

2.       Improved business concepts, particularly aimed at evolving technology adoption mechanism

For every system that impacts business processes, we are faced with enabling cross platform interfacing.

We are on a routine basis, required to build systems that run on Cloud, is scalable, can be access across different computing platforms (web, desktop & mobile) and we end up building a single project using multiple technologies.

When you build applications for running it over Cloud, we have to begin with singling out the options for build components i.e. we need to decide between a variety of options, Cloud essentially is “Platform as a Service” and some of the distinct options include:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure Services Platform &
  • Google App Engine

Then you Services Oriented Architecture (SoA) has to be geared in to plugging in to other platforms that such as rendering of system functions with Mobile platforms, with some popular and in-demand options being:

  • iPhone
  • Andriod
  • Java ME &
  • .NET

Coming back to our basic two criterion’s, first being technology paradigm shifts, we are looking at quickly evolving adaptable systems that target vast array of usable, scalable infrastructure setups that begin to minimize the efforts for setting up and literally committing unlimited expansion options.

The second begin, improvement in business concepts and adoption of technology as core, integral part of any business management procedures.

Some of the projects that Radix currently develops uses a minimum of two or more technology platforms to fulfill one single business application deployment needs.

We build systems that are running on secure web browsers, hosted on Cloud platforms and having optional mobile application versions, which run on both iPhone & Android.

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Maitray Gadhavi is a senior business development manager with Radixweb who accelerates the growth of organizations through innovation-led custom software development. Balancing the long-term gains in an evolving industry, he brings the voice of the customers into the enterprise. Binge-watching favourite series is his idea of fun after work.