Application Modernization – Secret to Meet Shrinking IT Budget

Application Modernization – Secret To Meet Shrinking IT Budget

‘Information Technology’ – an industry of rapid growth innovation and disruption. Here companies can either grow fast or die slowly. They will only survive if they adapt quickly and stay tuned with latest technology and implement into their business. Entry of new update opens the exit door for outdated one.

Your current software application was developed years ago, and you are in a dilemma whether to move on to latest technology which may be a headache or to modernize your current system which you think as a bigger headache. Well, be worry free as application modernization is the only answer you have been looking for…

IN 2016 – Companies Expected to Use 56% of their IT Budget Migrating to Cloud Applications or Upgrading their Legacy Application to Latest Platform.Click To Tweet

Adoption of application modernization takes away the pains of re-development. Umbrella of application modernization services covers re-coding, re-hosting, reengineering, re-architecting and re-platforming of legacy software. Modernized applications are more compatible with dynamic needs of contemporary era, as it contains state-of-the-art functionalities.

Application Modernization Energizes Businesses with Incremental ROI

Updating your legacy software applications will help companies to remain competitive by offering…

Enhanced Functionalities

New technologies release with advanced offerings in terms of features and functions. Implementation of latest functions drives improvement in productivity and accuracy in output. It energizes legacy application performance by establishing seamless integration across different modules.

Greater User Experience

Simplified user experience is equally important as robust functionalities. Modern technologies also focus on delivering a smooth and friendly development that increases ease of users, while they interact with the application from front-end or back-end. Modernized legacy application allows users to perform their operations effectively with regardless of click counts and keystrokes.

Upgraded Application Agility

Latest technology updates give power to a legacy application to run with more agility. Integrity across different aspects simplifies, automates and streamlines the entire process flow. Application modernization helps businesses to meet changing needs of customers by using hottest IT trends.

Higher Security Standards

No matter, it will be application development or modernization, security is always a major concern of businesses. Legacy application follows old security norms while modernized application facilitates with strengthening security standards. Updated technologies offer role-based access to users, so users can see only those details, he/she is allowed to access.

Reduced Operational cost

Application modernization makes your legacy system more compatible to perform multi-task at a time. Efficient business operations minimize requisites of manpower and financial resources. Significant reduction in maintenance and support costs of the system, as majority of features and functionalities get updated and decrease IT issues. Moreover, updated technologies cater with unified data integrity without losing a single information.

Better Alignment with Business Objectives

Generally, when IT and business people work together, they have different perspectives to achieve similar goals. Successful implementation of application modernization helps in satisfying their respective objectives. IT technocrats can have implementation of latest development while business can have advanced business operations at considerable cost reduction.

Modernizing Legacy Software Applications will Greatly Enhance their Functionality, Flexibility and Operational Lifespan.Click To Tweet

Application Modernization @ Radixweb

Radix technocrats have extensive experience in modernizing the legacy application using multiple technology platforms. We upgrade an old application by leveraging cloud computing and data analytics. Our team has proven excellence for application modernization in:

  • Application Portfolio Assessment
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Application Cloud Enablement and SaaS Enablement

Application modernization services from Radixweb start from assessment, planning, implementation to support. To maximize business benefits and minimize operational cost, get in touch with our team.

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