Ajax Technology for Web Applications

Ajax Technology For Web Applications

Ajax technology helps to develop web applications. It is a collection of technologies used to build dynamic web pages on the client side. Data is read from the server or sent to the server by JavaScript requests. However, some processing at the server side may be needed to manage requests, such as finding and storing the data. This is carried through more easily with the use of a framework consecrated to process Ajax requests.

Ajax is the combination of several technologies with booming in its own right. It has come together in powerful new ways. Ajax integrates–Standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS Dynamic display and interaction using the Document Object Model Data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT Asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest.

I am trying here to find the biggest challenges in creating Ajax applications which are not technical. The concerned challenges are for the software designers of these applications. However, the core Ajax technologies are mature, stable, and well understood. Therefore, it is the right time to think of wider and richer range of possibilities.

One more important point to remember for this concern that related pages on a website consist of much content that is common between them. The content would have to be reloaded on every request if traditional methods are used. But if you use Ajax, a web application can request only the content that needs to be updated. In this way Ajax reduces bandwidth usage and load time.

However, classic web application model works like as most user actions in the interface trigger an HTTP request back to a web server. The server does some processing and retrieves data with crunching numbers simultaneously talking to various legacy systems and then returns an HTML page to the client. It is a model accommodated from the Web’s original use as a hypertext medium. But the actual fact is to find what makes the Web good for hypertext, which is not necessarily make it good for software applications

Many questions arise in this concern but the maximum expectation goes to the software developers who use this framework for the web applications. They need to be clear about the usage of this framework which can deliver the best to the clients. Developers should always be concerned about the making of user friendly interface which can be executed finely by Ajax.

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