Application / Product Migration

Application or product migration is about to transfer legacy applications to latest technology platforms. Use migration service to enhance performance, efficiency and productivity of a stable running application and smoothen the business operations. Radix experts can migrate coding, language, operating system, database, architecture and open source integration of old application to modern technologies.

The migration is suggested to reduce cost as well as risk associated with new development of application or product. Migrate application/product at recent platform by maintaining the basic core values of existing systems.

Application/product migration benefited you with:

  • Reduced operational cost
  • Better user experience
  • Improved stability and reliability of application
  • Time and effort saving
  • Improved business operations
  • Enhanced application runtime performance
  • Lower maintenance cost with higher flexibility
  • Minimize disruption

Before undertaking application migration, Radix experts analyze organizational goals, existing system, challenges, technical requirements, risks, time limit, budgetary constrain and many other essential aspects. Our migration procedure starts from analysis, assessment, implementation to migration.

Radix application/product migration services include:

Technology Migration: VB, VB.Net, C#, .Net, Asp.Net, PHP, Open Source technologies, etc.

Database Migration: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL

Architecture Migration: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Client/Server, N-Tire, Object-Oriented, Cloud based Architecture

Operating System Migration: Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X

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