Application Maintenance

You are into business to make the bucks. Every single moment spent on maintaining the health of your IT infrastructure is time lost from core business activity.

Radix offers an end-to-end application maintenance service that optimizes your IT framework. Our services span across an entire platform of technology, supporting the latest as well as relatively obsolete frameworks. We offer persistent monitoring, well-timed action and information exchange to our clients.

Adopting a holistic view of information architecture, people and services, the Radix team identifies and eliminates redundancies, streamlines operations and ensures minimum downtime. We keep your applications optimally geared to respond to change requests and business shifts in an agile manner.

Radix’s application maintenance methodology encompasses support that provides for technical, functional and ongoing enhancements. We follow a well-structured program that constantly assesses business needs and functions that need to follow to address these needs.

Evolving from corrective maintenance to preventive, our maintenance services ensure reduced risks and better alignment with industry trends, all at significant cost advantage.

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