OnPrintShop Announces Partnership with Ricoh Canada Inc.

OnPrintShop, a truly affordable web to print solution and RicohCanada, a leading provider of document solutions, have joined hands to provide turn-key storefront solutions to RicohCanada customers. OnPrintShop is a key solution of Radixweb, a leading IT company providing business solutions globally for over 11 years. OnPrintShop was developed by serving over 250 global clients … Continue reading OnPrintShop Announces Partnership with Ricoh Canada Inc.

Business Process Management

Why BPM? It’s simple – for boosting the efficiency, productivity, adaptability, and agility of the enterprise process. With good BPM in place, enterprises can have the luxury of modifying certain business processes without really changing the fundamental business rules. This way they can better react to market changes and grab greater opportunities. A good BPM also adds to enterprise bottom line and plays a role in market differentiation.