Radix Releases Kites iPhone App

Radixweb, India’s premiere IT services provider, has released Kites – Soaring High, an iPhone application for kite enthusiasts. The application is available for download at http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/kites/id494812853?mt=8 Kites is an information sharing application from Radixweb that focuses on history of kites, their types, and their cultural importance. The application sheds light on ‘patang baazi’ – kite … Continue reading Radix Releases Kites iPhone App

Database Security in Cloud Environment

Cloud computing has the market divided into two groups. There are the proponents of cloud and then there are the opponents of cloud. The cloud proponents have always sung praises about cloud’s scalability, ease of deployment, and reduced cost of IT ownership. But the opponents have always cautioned against security issues of cloud.