Product Development – Innovate or Fabricate?

So what does fabrication mean for IT industry? It means you take a lesser known technology or application which is still rough around the edges. You then polish it, add some IP to it, and present it as a fairly new product. It’s something like taking a song from the yesteryears, adding synthesizer beats to it, and marketing it as a new piece.

Ruby on Rails & Its Key Aspects

What is interesting about RoR is its technical grouping. Like the name suggests, RoR is a combination of Ruby – an object oriented scripting language and Rails – a web application development framework. This technical combination has spawned a number of web applications that deliver at an enterprise level.

Information Technology Audit

In March 2011, RSA – EMC’s security division – sent shockwaves through the industry as it announced a sophisticated cyber-attack on its SecureID system. Theft of unspecified information from SecureID has left marring scars and lot of red faces. But at the same time it has raised a lot of questions for IT industry as a whole.