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School Management Solution

Radix has once again showcased its versatility by developing a school management solution that streamlines the processes of a school system and enhances information dissemination. Dedicated to creating a transparent and efficient education system, Radix’s solution leads to resource optimization at schools.

Identifying the main players of the education system as teachers, students, parents and school administrators, the Radix solution brings them all on the same platform and offers them an integrated view. The solution scales on a tight security module that allows for user based access to different functionalities. While the teachers can access the report card and grade-book management modules, the students benefit from lesson plans and online assignments, teacher information, and scheduling of extracurricular activities. The integrated parents’ portal allows access to children information like report card, grade-book, attendance details and discipline tracking. The solution also assists universities and companies by allowing them to generate queries and track alumni details.

Furthermore, in an education system the importance of a library can never be lowballed. We reflect this philosophy in our eLibrary functionality that offers a comprehensive management of books. The eLibrary allows students to carry out a detailed search for books and reserve them.

Radix’s solution, a result of rumination on the education system, neatly addresses all the gray areas.

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