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Radix has always been more than just a workplace. It is a hub where careers have been mentored and crafted. It is a stage where hidden talents have been revealed and brought into the limelight. It is a place that has acted as a catalyst for cultural exchange.

In a nutshell, Radix has held an important place in the lives of its people. These are the snaps of some of the precious moments that have transpired at Radix.

Professional, fun loving, goofy - we have experienced it all at Radix.

Enter the world of Radix

Our CTO Nitin Vaishnav Guiding Us

Getting Things Done the Right Way

Our Accounts & Admin Team

Easy to Approach Seniors @ Radix

Friendly Faces Found Everywhere @ Radix

Our Development Team

Spacious Working Labs @ Radix

Our Developers Doing What They Do Best

Guidance from Seniors - a Regular Feature @ Radix

Closely Working Teams @ Radix

Stress Free Work Environment

Research & Development Always Encouraged @ Radix

Sales Team Focused on Customer Service

Radix - Where Work is Fun

Happy Client is What Makes Us Happy

Getting to Know What the Client Wants

Our Client - Kevin Lindsay

Our client visits our development centre

The client strikes a pose with our technical team

The client's smile says it all

Coming full circle @ Radix

Proud of Our Credentials

Proud of Our Credentials

Proud of Our Credentials

Proud of Our Credentials

Proud of Our Credentials

Proud of Our Credentials

Proud of Our Credentials

Proud of Our Credentials

Proud of Our Credentials

Proud of Our Credentials

Radix shows off mobile apps @ CeBIT 2012

Radix team strikes a pose at CeBIT 2012

Visitors inquiring about our services @ CeBIT 2012

Radix decision makers at CeBIT 2012

Engaging customers in discussions @ CeBIT 2012

Catching the eye of CeBIT visitors

Loyal customers join Radix @ CeBIT 2012

Successful day @ CeBIT 2012

Visitors stop by to know about web to print @ Graph Expo

Ready for Graph Expo 2011

Our stall at Graph Expo 2011

Our COO strikes a pose at Graph Expo

Giving on-site solution demo to visitors

Interested customers collecting our contact info

Client interaction @ CeBIT 2011

Putting across a point @ CeBIT 2011

Our CeBIT 2011 team

Our stall @ CeBIT 2011

Creating visitor interest @ CeBIT 2011

Our clients make an appearance @ PrintPack 2011

Radix team @ PrintPack 2011

Visitors flock our stall @ PrintPack 2011

A very busy day @ PrintPack 2011

Clients endorsing us @ PrintPack 2011

Catching the eye of passersby @ PrintPack 2011

Personalized attention to every customer

Radix team @ IndiaSoft 2011

Radix team on a picnic

Radix players in action

Looks like it’s a wicket...

That's a wicket!

Setting up the stumps

That goes for a six....

Our COO giving away the trophy

Cheers for the winners

It's all about having fun

All eyes on the match

Watch out... tough shot

Who won these...

Kudos players!!

Here's the RBT II Winner Badminton Women's Singles

Cheer for RBT II Winner men's Singles

Thanks volunteers for making this exciting tournament possible

Radix Celebrating 11 Years

Birthday Wish for Radix

Yummy Cake

Congratulations for Radix Team

Decorations All Around

Everybody's Invited!!!

Foundation Day Greetings

Getting Ready for Cake Cutting

Happy Smiles

Never Ending Greetings for Radix Team

Smiling Beauties of Radix

Sweet Memories

Taste of Success for Everybody

The Sound of Celebration

We Care & We Share

Exuberant Radix Crowd

Celebrating Navratri – the festival of dance

Ganeshji takes up abode @ Radix

Ganesh sthapana puja underway

Praying to Ganeshji and seeking his blessings

The team joins in the Ganesh puja

An after work light moment @ Radix

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