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Annual Tour of USA - Sep 14th - Oct 15th, 2017

Interface & Protocol

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Radix has consistently crafted out highly robust and one-of-their-kind solutions that address embedded system requirements. Our team has persistently deployed its panoptic experience of system level development and knowledge of bus architectures and protocols to chart new paths for the industry.

OPC Protocol: The brisk growth of different types of hardware devices has led to the emergence of OPC as the protocol for integration and interoperability of these devices. Radix proudly brags about expertise that can play around with OPC and OLE process control extensions for a bouquet of Microsoft Operating Systems. Our team successfully complements its COM and DCOM skills with support for devices on the OPC system.

ModBus Protocol: Radix has demonstrated commendable control over ModBus, an application layer messaging protocol. We have proven our claims by developing multiple systemic software that support a host of media including ModBus over Ethernet and TCP/IP. Now we are focused on mastering ModBus Plus, a high speed token passing protocol.