Core Values

Radix has a strong set of tenets that have served as the beacon light in our journey so far. We swear ourselves to these and follow them to the T.

Respect: At Radix, we believe relationships are built on respect. We view our customers, vendors and employees as associates and treat them with respect and professionalism.

Transparency and Clarity: We hold clarity in operations in high regards, and foster transparency in our actions, ideas and work culture.

Robustness: We strongly abide by the robustness of our processes and delivery that have earned us loyalty of our customers.

No Jargons: We behold the idea that success is built over a simple idea. We aim to simplify things for our customers.

Cost Saving: We do not view ourselves as simply an outsourcing partner. We endeavour to become an extension of a business, delivering cost savings and enhancing value addition.

In a nutshell, Radix = Respect + Transparency + Clarity + Robustness + Cost Savings – Jargons.

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